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CHIC in Action Project

Culture and Heritage in Communication – Using Cultural Heritage in the development of communication skills and Interculturality in Foreign Language Learning.

According to the EU Recommendation, communication in foreign languages largely shares the same communication skills in the mother tongue: it is based on the ability to understand, express and interpret concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions, both in oral speech and in writing. Listening, speaking, reading and writing in a variety of societal and cultural contexts (in education and training, work, home and leisure) according to the person's wishes or needs. Communication in foreign languages also requires skills such as mediation and intercultural understanding. This, together with the idea of combining methods and culture, is the basis for the main objectives of the project, which are:

- improve the language teaching skills of adult educators/teachers;

- strengthen general teaching methodology skills;

- strengthen mediation skills in conflicts caused by cultural differences;

- develop an awareness of culture and its impact on behavior, especially communication;

- improve teachers' skills to work with culturally diverse groups;

- get practical ideas on how to apply different communication strategies in different cross-cultural contexts;

- define and identify key elements of communication and interpersonal culture;

- compare and contrast values, beliefs, perceptions and communication styles of cultures;

- use acquired knowledge to further develop cultural sensitivity;

- improve students' communicative skills, fluency and confidence in using the language;

- develop critical thinking, reflexivity and self-assessment;

- identify different learning styles and strategies of adult learners and apply appropriate methods and techniques for teaching adults;

- improve trainees' competitiveness in the labor market and other fields.


Partner institutions:

Ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih Dante (Croatia)
European Regional Framework For Co-Operation (Greece)
International Language School (Italy)
Valodu Mape Sia (Latvia)
Professional School of Salvaterra de Magos (Portugal)
Official Language School Rio Vero (Spain)  


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