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Together We Are One


The Professional School of Salvaterra de Magos (EPSM) was created in 1990 with the objective of training highly qualified technical staff, capable of proactively integrating the labor market, contributing to increasing the competitiveness of companies in the region where it operates.

EPSM is located in Salvaterra de Magos, district of Santarém and its main activity is Education and Professional Training.

EPSM stands out for the quality of the technical and human training it transmits to its students, providing them with the necessary professional and social skills, focusing on the development of critical thinking, through collaborative work, which integrates multiple knowledge and the ability to communicate with others.

A school where “Learning how to do by Doing It!” is a reality.

Over the years, EPSM has grown and currently has around 400 students, spread over an annual average of 15/16 professional education classes. Its structure comprises about 30 teachers and 25 co-workers, with vast experience in teaching and teaching support. EPSM facilities have also been undergoing several alterations and renovations, being perfectly suitable for the development of the courses taught. Its very own way of functioning, based on the proximity of teacher/student/family, has been a strong contribution to the success of this school and its students. The excellent relationships established with hundreds of leading companies, both national and international, have also enabled several of our students to carry out excellent internships in the most varied areas of training.

The school has also invested in the development of European traineeships, under the Erasmus+ Programme, having already placed several of its students on companies in Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, Poland, among other countries of the European Union.

EPSM is a school that has a long history, always based on a comprehensive and integrative philosophy, with the objective of offering its students a solid human, cultural, social, scientific, technical, technological, practical and civic education.


“Being a reference school!”
EPSM intends to be a reference school for the quality of technical and human training transmitted to its students.


EPSM's mission is to train highly qualified young technicians who are prepared to actively and responsibly integrate the labor market: young people endowed with professional skills based on creativity, critical thinking and technical capacity, teamwork and strong interpersonal relationships, based on values of citizenship and differentiated teaching pedagogies.


The school establishes a set of principles and values that frame its educational action:

- The promotion of a culture of cooperation, participation and responsibility for all, where the efforts and contributions of each one are considered fundamental for the construction of individual paths that lead to the personal, social and professional fulfillment of all, proving the effectiveness of this institution;

- Valuing the right to be different, as well as respecting multiculturalism and diversity of knowledge, favouring educational work based on pedagogical differentiation, that is, considering the individual characteristics, cultures, personal projects and learning rhythms of each student and development of attitudes of respect, non-violence and tolerance for the Other;

- The promotion of the global and harmonious human development of each student, as an individual and social being, assuming an active, conscious and responsible role in their actions and decisions;

- The use of technologies, making the best possible use of them, recognizing them not only as fundamental for an integration in the current world of work, but also as fundamental instruments in research and information exchange at a global level;

- Training for citizenship, providing the development of critical analysis and civic awareness, aiming at the development of a participatory spirit of the student in collective issues, simultaneously sensitizing him/her to the importance of his/her role as a citizen in a democratic society;

- The interaction of the school with the community as a local and national reference, as a place of teaching and learning for different audiences and in different ways, supported by quality references.


EPSM's strategic objectives are defined in a long-term perspective, in accordance with the Mission and attributions of this educational entity, and contribute to achieving the idealized Vision. In this sense, the following strategic priorities were defined:
SO1 – Promote success and educational quality;
SO2 – Contribute to regional and national socioeconomic development;
SO3 – Consolidate the international dimension of the school;
SO4 – Encourage active citizenship and social cohesion;
SO5 – Encourage critical thinking and creativity.