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KA1 projects

At EPSM, students from different professional courses have the opportunity to carry out their Training in a Work Context in another European country, through mobility for the learning purposes of trainees included in the Erasmus + Programme .

Employees (teaching and non-teaching) also have the opportunity to carry out staff mobility for training, under a job shadowing regime, with the aim of enriching their training and professional, personal and cultural experiences.

Project “Bridges to the future” (2022/2023)

EPSM has the “Bridges for the future” project in progress, in which fifteen short-term mobilities are planned for on-the-job training, distributed across the following countries: Finland, Denmark, Italy, Poland and Croatia. Two long-term mobility programs are also planned for recent graduates to be carried out in Denmark. For EPSM employees, there are three job shadowing mobilities to be carried out in Germany.

Project “Epsm - Undertake, Share, Sow, Improve” (2019/2021)

With a duration of two academic years, this project included twenty-four short-term mobilities, distributed across countries such as: Spain, Italy, Finland, Denmark and Poland. Regarding the staff, five employees participated in job shadowing mobility, carried out at the Danish school Kold College.