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We make a difference

How we do it


EPSM stands out for the quality of the technical and human training it transmits to its students, providing them with the necessary professional and social skills, focusing on the development of critical thinking, through collaborative work, which integrates multiple knowledge and the capacity to communicate it to others. We work with students in all aspects and encourage their willingness to learn.


All courses developed by EPSM include a period of Training in Work Context that will allow students to apply their learning to reality, develop and improve skills, as well as consolidate their training, always with the aim of improving and adapting to the market requirements of work.

The close connection with the work context and the approximation of the school environment to the reality of the working world complete the school's educational project, which guarantees the monitoring of the student throughout their school career.


At EPSM, teaching is supported by projects and experiences. With creative spaces and equipment for the simulated practice of each course, students develop their ideas, explore their creativity and discover independently and/or as a team. In our labs, students can create, experiment, make mistakes, redo… They can learn how to do, by doing it!


The professional courses developed by EPSM are mostly financed by the European Community, through the European Social Fund, with the following allowances as a way to support the schooling of young people:
- School material
- Lunch
- Transportation 
- Accommodation (only in exceptional situations foreseen in the legislation)
- Training in Work Context / Professionalization


The implementation and success of EPSM's educational project are fundamentally based on protocols and collaboration partnerships established with around a thousand local, regional, national and international agents. It is a precious group of small, medium and large companies from the region, the country and several European countries that collaborate with the school in the most diverse initiatives in favor of a teaching of excellence based on competences and aimed at the world of work .


EPSM seeks to contribute to the development of a creative spirit in all its students, encouraging participation in projects, competitions and activities at local, national or international level. We believe that these experiences are the basis for the development of multiple intelligences for each student, simultaneously enabling the work of attitudinal and procedural contents.



EPSM has been developing international projects under the Erasmus+ Program since 2007, establishing partnerships with several European countries (Spain, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Poland,…), which have allowed the sharing of innovative practices with a view to the continuous improvement of education and vocational training . With these projects, we continually seek that our students can improve their skills, increase their employability and gain cultural awareness, contributing decisively to their professional future.



Since 2016, a Quality Assurance System has been implemented at EPSM, in line with the EQAVET Framework and based on the ISO:9001 standard, being one of the first to be certified in 2020 with the Conformance Seal of the European Framework for Quality Assurance for Education and Professional Training (EQAVET). The implemented system is based on a process of continuous improvement and has contributed to the definition and systematization of school and administrative procedures, enabling it to document, develop, monitor, evaluate and improve the efficiency of the training offer and the quality of its management practices.