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Modular Courses

Business Plan - creating microbusinesses

Duration 25h
Schedule After-work
Beginning 20 Sep 2021

The syllabus of each UFCD is available for consultation on the National Qualifications Catalog website:


Contribute to enhancing the employability of the working population, namely the unemployed, employees and employees at risk of unemployment, by increasing their adaptability through the development of skills required by the labor market:

a) The UFCD's for employees aim to respond to the qualification needs of workers, in the context of organizational change and restructuring processes, with a view to increasing the productivity and competitiveness of companies, as well as the skills and qualification levels of the assets employed, contributing to the maintenance of employment;

b) The UFCD's for the unemployed aim to strengthen the professional qualification of unemployed workers, promoting a more sustained return to the labor market, through participation in FMC courses adjusted to their profile of needs.

And after EPSM?

Whenever an adult successfully completes a modular training course, he or she is issued a certificate of qualifications that lists all the competence or short-term training units successfully completed. If the trainee completes a complete CNQ course, he will obtain the respective certification.

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