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Luís Machado

Profession Undisputedly successful chef

Luís Machado is another of the former students of the Professional School of Salvaterra de Magos (EPSM) chosen by the National Agency for Qualification and Professional Education to be one of the 16 ambassadors of professional education.

Luís Machado took the professional Restoration course at EPSM. Today, he is an irrefutable successful chef. Known from Teleculinária, he prepares drinks and dishes for all tastes and occasions on a weekly basis. Luís Machado says that “the choice of the course was a mixture of aromas and flavors that never ended”. He also says that “know-how and know-how are ingredients that he sought in professional education”, and that he applies every day, “thanks to the Vocational School of Salvaterra de Magos”.

The former student of the school also guarantees that as an ambassador of vocational education, he has the recipe for all those looking for a course with guaranteed employability.