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Qualifies Center and There Must Be Association sign Protocol

Employer 24 Oct 2022
Offer Qualification Center

The Qualifica Center of the Professional School of Salvaterra de Magos and the Há de Haver Association signed, a few days ago, a protocol of collaboration between the two entities. An identical protocol was also signed with the Padre Tobias Foundation, based in Samora Correia and with the Municipality of Salvaterra de Magos. These protocols are intended to reinforce the EPSM Qualifica Center's network of partnerships in the municipalities of Benavente and Salvaterra de Magos.

Within the scope of this protocol, these institutions are willing to collaborate with the Qualifica Center in carrying out awareness-raising and information actions, with a view to identifying and mobilizing adults with low educational qualifications. The objective is to publicize the activity of the Qualifica Center and reach a greater number of candidates, raising awareness of the importance of improving their school qualifications, which can lead to an improvement in their professional situation.

The EPSM Qualifica Center has cooperation protocols with all the Parish Councils of these two municipalities, where any adult can go to register.

For more information, interested parties may contact CQ on 263 144 275 or 913 738 052.