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"Violence in Dating" under debate at EPSM

Employer 31 Jan 2024
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Violence in Dating was the topic chosen by the EPSM Student Association for a session/debate with the 10th year classes. Nuno Oliveira, criminal investigator, was the speaker and facilitator of this session, which took place in a very dynamic and participatory manner.

In simple and direct language, Nuno Oliveira made young people aware of this issue, reminding them that there are various types of violence (physical, psychological, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual), all punishable by law. He also left a warning about the symptoms that victims of violence should be aware of, some safety measures that they should adopt and how we can help someone who is a victim of this type of crime.

In the last 3 months, almost 48% of victims of violence are teenagers and of these, 98% are female.