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Management Computer Technician

Duration 3 years
Schedule Labor
Beginning 21 Sep 2021

The IT Management Technician is the qualified professional who has skills in the management of organizations, namely in the construction of business/project management models, creating matrices using computer applications for micro, small and medium-sized companies, with a view to to the effectiveness of results. It is able to support the coordination of IT departments and carry out the development, installation and use of IT applications in any functional area of an organization/company.


- Install, configure and maintain different operating systems and application software, as well as the database;
- Evaluate and participate in the choice of utilities, as well as security policies for computer systems;
- Develop applications in the management area;
- Evaluate and participate in the choice of management tools;
- Analyze, test and implement management tools;
- Parameterize and adapt existing management tools to specific needs;
- Analyze problems and propose solutions appropriate to the company's existing resources;
- Develop modules that complement management applications, tailored to the company's needs;
- Develop, distribute, install and maintain computer applications, using object-oriented, procedural and visual programming environments and languages;
- Develop, install and maintain servers, pages and information systems in web technologies;
- Collaborate in the management of human, material and financial resources;
- Participate in the execution of the company's general accounting;
- Support payroll processing;
- Use invoicing applications, stocks, current accounts, fixed assets, accounting and salaries;
- Participate in the organization of tax obligations processes and procedures;
- Participate in the processes and procedures related to the various social protection regimes;
- Support the file and the file;
- Participate in the preparation of management reports and maps.


Young people with the 9th grade of schooling and aged not over 19 years old (at the beginning of the school year).

And after EPSM?

In terms of professional certification, the school awards a Level 4 Professional Qualification Diploma.
The course confers the Secondary Studies Diploma (12th year) and allows normal access to Higher Education.

Successes of the EPSM
Carlos Sereno
Carlos Sereno
Director of Software Engineering at Bi4All


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