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Luís Vaz

Profession GlobalSoft and LusoSoft businessman

Luís Vaz, a former student of the Management Informatics Course at the Professional School of Salvaterra de Magos (EPSM), is today a successful businessman in Portugal and Angola.

Owner of the companies GlobalSoft and LusoSoft, Luís Vaz manages the software for the Angolan seaports and Luanda International Airport.

The two companies of the former student of the school have more than 20 employees. Almost all former EPSM students. Luís Vaz says that he had “difficulty in finding qualified technicians to respond to the needs of his companies, which is why he bet on former students of the Professional School of Salvaterra de Magos”. It also ensures that the school has great teachers. “It was thanks to them that I discovered a taste for programming”, he says. He adds that “if I had never been through EPSM, I wouldn't be where I am”.