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Thanks to FCT partner entities

Employer 16 Mar 2023
Offer Institutional

EPSM would like to thank all the partners who, from February to March, welcome our 11th grade students in the Cooking/Pastry courses; Restaurant/Bar; Electronics, Automation and Control; Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising and IT Management within the scope of their Training in a Workplace (curricular internships), namely:

A Tasquinha do Marujo, Lda.

Belcanto, Unipessoal, Ltd.

Bomsite - Soluções para Internet, Lda.

City Hall of Benavente

Coruche City Council

City Council of Salvaterra de Magos

Casca D'Ovo - Trapeze at Festa - Restauração e Catering, Lda.

CIBEN - IT And Business Solutions, SA

CJSB - Sociedade Mediação Imobiliária, Lda

Crivosoft Ltd.


Debates e Palpites, Lda (Restaurant Traces of the Past)

D'wine Gulla

Essays and Arguments Unipessoal, Lda.

Portuguese Army

Going Up Portugal Ltd.

Happyspring - Real Estate Promotion Society, Lda. (Pedro Choy Clinic)

Hidro Ibérica – Study and Installation of Irrigation, Lda.

Hiperserve - Concessionaria de Canteens and Bars, Lda. - Restaurant A Coudelaria

Hune Rental Ltd.

Iniziomedia - Audiovisuais, SA

IRIS - Independent Regional Information Service, Lda.

JOPATRICIO - Commerce and Car Repair, Lda.

LKM - Loyalty Knowledge and Marketing, Lda.

Loures Innovates

Luckytarget, Lda - (HN Portugal)

Magos Irrigation Systems SA

Mota-Engil, Engineering and Construction, SA

Mr Rino Burguer & Pizza

Multifood Ltd. Pizzeria Zerozero

Green Wall - Pedro Filipe Rua Sousa Simões

Nana Sichi, Unipessoal, Lda. (Kabuki Restaurant)

the steering wheel

OurOwnProject, Lda.

Pinto & Cruz Motores e Equipamentos, SA

Plasbene - Tube and Plastic Accessories, Lda.

PMH, SA - Hospital Medical Products, SA

RC Sanches SA (Plateform group)

Santos & Gaspar - Mediação Imobiliária, Lda.

Secis Informática, Ltd.

Sentinelterrace - Unipessoal, Lda. - Terrace

Serviroad, SA

Silvex Plastics and Paper Industry, SA

Sondiregas Ltd.

Sonho Gabarito Ltd. (Pateo d'Aldeia)

Sotal, SA (Tivoli Carvoeiro)

Surpresas e Caprichos Restauração, Lda - Vila Manjar

Fast Talent Ltd. (Brilliant Restaurant)

Predileto Seasoning Ltd. (Tasca)

Tractomoz - Tractors and agricultural machinery from Estremoz, SA

vintech, lda

Your Code, Ltd.

EPSM would like to thank everyone for their availability, openness and the exemplary way in which they welcomed and integrated our students into their teams, at this very important moment in their training process! This experience will certainly be an important contribution to your personal and professional training!