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Restaurant Technician - Bar

Duration 3 years
Schedule Labor
Beginning 21 Sep 2021

The Restaurant/Bar Technician is the qualified professional able to plan, coordinate and execute the restaurant and bar service, respecting the standards of hygiene and safety, in food and beverage establishments, integrated or not in hotel units, in order to guarantee a quality service and customer satisfaction.


- Plan and prepare the restaurant/bar service, according to health and safety standards;
- Welcome and serve the customer in the restaurant/bar service;
- Prepare and serve simple and compound drinks and cafeteria food and beverages;
- Perform restaurant, wine and other beverage services;
- Execute room and cisory art confections;
- Plan and execute the different special services;
- Invoice for the services provided;
- Control food and beverage costs;
- Collaborate in the preparation of restaurant, bar and wine charters;
- Provide first aid and basic health and well-being care;
- Answer and resolve customer complaints;
- Make requests and fill in other technical documentation related to the activity performed


Young people with the 9th grade of schooling and aged not over 19 years old (at the beginning of the school year).

And after EPSM?

In terms of professional certification, the school awards a Level 4 Professional Qualification Diploma.
The course confers the Secondary Studies Diploma (12th year) and allows normal access to Higher Education.

Successes of the EPSM
Diogo Duarte
Diogo Duarte
1st employee at Alma Restaurant

Diogo Duarte completed the Restaurant/Bar course at EPSM in 2016. He is currently a 1st employee at Restaurante Alma, owned by chef Henrique Sá Pessoa. He was also head chef at the D'Wine Gulla restaurant.

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