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Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Technician

Duration 3 years
Schedule Labor
Beginning 21 Sep 2021

He is the qualified professional able to participate in the planning and development of the organization's marketing and communication strategies, both internally and externally, through public relations and advertising.

- Follow national and international market trends;
- Participate in the design and development of marketing strategies and plans for the organization;
- Assist in the planning, organization and definition of communication objectives according to pre-established/defined marketing objectives;
- Operationalize the lines of action in all relevant areas arising from the organization's strategy and respective communication plan;
- Actively participate in the execution of communication actions/tactics aimed at different audiences, taking into account their attitudes, behaviors and needs;
- Cooperate in the management of communication and promotional processes with the organization's different audiences;
- Participate in the organization and operation of contexts/events aimed at commercial or institutional promotion, based on public relations techniques aimed at the organization's (internal and external) audiences;
- Collaborate and participate in the design and completion of advertising campaigns, namely, by actively integrating into creative and production teams;
- Develop a media plan and develop positive cooperative relationships with the different media,
- Participate in the design, production and selection, according to the given model, of the elements of graphic, written, visual or multimedia communication, necessary for the relationship with the public and which support relational operations.


Young people with the 9th grade of schooling and aged not over 19 years old (at the beginning of the school year).

And after EPSM?

In terms of professional certification, the school grants a Level 4 Professional Qualification Diploma. The course grants the Secondary Studies Diploma (12th year) and allows normal access to Higher Education.

Successes of the EPSM
Andreia Mira
Andreia Mira
Master Painter & Brand Ambassador Louis Vuitton

Master Painter & Brand Ambassador Louis Vuitton

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