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EPSM sensitizes students to the issue of Mental Health in Young People

Employer 25 Nov 2022
Offer Activities

The 11th year class of Communication – Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising at EPSM has carried out, in the last two weeks, several Awareness Actions related to the topic of Mental Health in Young People, which involved several school classes, external stakeholders and some local institutions and national.

The students developed the whole process of organizing the events, having been responsible for the dynamics of the different actions.

The topics addressed were all related to the theme of EPSM's Integrative Projects for the current school year, “The Social Sciences and the Role of Young People in Society”:

- “BrainStorm – A deep dive into the subject”, in an approach to mental health in young people, with guests Joana Vinagre, Professor of Psychology, and Vera Vidigal, Psychologist at EPSM.

- “Podcast & Youth”, which aroused the interest of students through this communication format, used to discuss important social issues and the role of young people in society. Its guest was Ticas Graciosa, psychologist and author of the Podcast “Páginas com Graça”, which brings to the public stories of life and overcoming challenges told in the first person.

- “Depression in Young People”, which revealed the symptoms, warning signs and strategies to overcome this problem through specialized support. In the action, young people developed a yoga class as an example of a relaxation activity, useful in combating depression.

- “Banalization of Illicit Drugs on Social Networks”, an action that took place at the facilities of Desafio Jovem, an institute that provides Intervention services for Addictive Behaviors and Dependencies. The working group interviewed Francisco Chaves, president of the institution, and learned the story of “João”, a young man in the process of recovery.

- “Sexualization of Young People on Social Networks”, which tackled such a controversial topic as young people's self-esteem and the illusion of perfect bodies disseminated online. Daniela Rodrigues, former EPSM student and influencer, was a guest, who revealed the precautions taken with daily exposure on social networks.

- “Media - Mental Heath”, invited Joana Vinagre, Professor of Psychology at EPSM, to explain to students the influence that the media have on society and, in particular, on young people, as well as the importance of selecting information, taking into account the phenomenon of fake news.

- “The Communication of Young People Before and After the Internet”, highlighting the way young people relate today, compared to the 70s. The students organized a theater and a generational debate, with Manuel Ruivo, who lived during the PIDE, and Gonçalo Gonçalves, a student at EPSM, who brought the perspective of today's young people.

- “Dating Violence in Digital World”, an awareness-raising action that had the online presence of João Valente, representing APAV. The initiative clarified young people about violence in online dating, the limits in relationships and the warning signs that should be understood as a request for help.